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Latin Distinction is a retailing business finding and delivering to our customers a range of exclusive and limited-edition apparel to people who are thrilled to present themselves as different.  These products are not just for the well-heeled but also for the discerning mid-range consumers who have aspirations.  These consumers are now neglected by the retailing industry around Australia and in other countries. 

We sell through the Internet and all sales are from our web sites.  We survey the latin world by travel and research to pursue top quality of products, like alpaca garments, that’s 100% pure Baby Alpaca.  We also seek 950 Sterling Silver Jewellery both traditional filigree and modern styles. Also passing through our hands are other jewels with precious stones  & more.

Other treasures that have impressed us and are now in our product range are original and limited edition glass art including figurine and utilitarian glass from many different countries. We have also been able to source vintage and antique glassware no longer in production.  

Now we are also interested in presenting the male Aussie with latin products like summer casual shirts in styles never seen in Australia and chunky Sterling Silver pieces which are unique.

As we have focused on seeking and finding unusual product items, all around the world many of our items for sale are ‘one off’ and new to Australia.  If you see something you like you should secure it as there may not be another.




The owners of Latin Distinction have a long history of regular travel to Latin parts the world and have observed the difference in life style and the different range of products available there. We have been so impressed with the quality and range of goods encountered that we have decided to share some of this abundance with the rest of our community by creating this business for Australians but by no means limited to Australians.

Our particular specialities besides travel and appreciation of fine products are personal presentation, public relations, feminine beauty.  We also have been involved in photography, IT and  web sites, gardening for indoors, exercise for longevity.  In the past we have been involved in education, the construction industry and both of us have university degrees however we love education by experience, a commodity much under-valued these days.

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