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Hi, we are a family of llamas.  Can you guess in which country we live? In our little family we have Papa llama, Mama llama, Junior and Aunt Paloma.  As you know llamas produce wool in many shades; our natural colour is known as steel blue.  Here we are dressed in our finest gold apparel ready for a parade through the city of Cuzco. Our human minders are not here and are soaking up a few beers in a nearby tavern. 

The glass artist has taken a modernistic approach to moulding us; our profile is a bit amorphous but he has picked-up the long straight neck and aristocratic bearing of our species.


Heights :      8 cms ,  7 cms,  6 cms and 5 cms


Price :          A$ 180 for the whole family incl GST


Postage and handling to any Australia postcode included


SKU: 55-006
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