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Hi!   I am Larry and I am a lobster, I mean a real lobster not a rock lobster; look at my forearms and pincers, rock lobsters do not have these.  I can handle myself very well in any scrap especially with octopi.  Unfortunately the extra meat in our arms and pincers mean that terrestrial entities, humans, chase us for the pot.   I am depicted here by the glass artist in my post pot colours, Valentino red. Before the pot I was purple and blue and difficult to find in the ocean.


If I was at your at your dinner table or even on a side table I could certainly set some tongues wagging just by looking fabulous.


Height:         12 cms             Length;              275 cms


PRICE:         A$475.00


 Postage and handling to any Australia postcode included  


SKU: 55-018
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